Group Effort Leads to Superior Training in the Men’s Hair House Franchise Barbershop

When you invest in a Men’s Hair House haircut franchise, you don’t just get a great-looking, modern salon business. You receive the support of our franchise development team, who will train you in how to open a barbershop and operate a haircut franchise.

Over the past 3 years, we’ve cultivated an exceptional crew of leaders at our corporate locations. Now, this group of experienced and engaged store managers and others are an integral part of training the fresh batch of Men’s Hair House haircut franchise owners.

Training in how to open a barbershop and hair salon

Opening your own haircut franchise requires attention to location development, staffing, accounting and other common business tasks. Leveraging a hair salon franchise opportunity means you’ll need to learn how a salon operates, how hair products and tools work, and the legal and licensing requirements that affect your business.

With the Men’s Hair House franchise barbershop, you’ll learn not only business skills, but also the industry-specific knowledge you’ll need to stay on top of requirements, stay on top of trends, and stay on top of your game.

Trainers and topics for your hair salon franchise

When our managers learned of our new haircut franchise program, several of them approached us about being involved as trainers. We can’t think of better instructors for who invest in our hair salon franchise opportunity than the managers who run our thriving stores. Four of our top managers comprise our training crew, each concentrating on one area of training. The five-day initial training will cover topics such as:

Pre-Opening Overview: We cover the basics of getting your hair salon franchise up and running. You’ll learn our history, mission and culture; how the franchisor-franchisee relationship will work; securing employees; inventory, equipment and supply purchasing; and specifications for signage and logo use.

Products: Owners of a Men’s Hair House franchise barbershop will become familiar with the product lines we retail at our locations, including Paul Mitchell, American Crew, Redken, Gibbs, AG Hair, Bedhead for Men and Suavecito. Franchise owners benefit from in-store information sessions provided by individual product representatives.

Customer Service: An exceptional customer experience is the focus of every Men’s Hair House franchise barbershop and haircut franchise. Our thorough customer service training includes scheduling appointments and managing walk-ins, performing services, and retail sales.

Many of these same topics are thoroughly reviewed and further detailed during part 2 of the training program, when one of our franchise development team members spends five days at your location pre-opening. This visit ensures you have everything you need when you open the doors for your first day in business.

Men’s Hair House offers a franchise barbershop and more

Check out more about the Men’s Hair house hair salon franchise opportunity, and you’ll be impressed by the amount of care we put into every aspect of our business. Contact us soon to get the conversation started!

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